Let’s Do It! – a Ministry by Studio Klank

Let's Do It!

Let’s Do It! is a ministry dedicated to teaching photography and assisting with photographing for church events and Sunday services. 

We aim to empower local churches by providing comprehensive training and photography assistance for your new or already established team.


Our Mission

Let’s Do it! Is a mission inspired by God’s heart to show the world his love for his people and their response to him and his touch on their lives. Our goal is to work alongside your youth groups, pastoral staff, and media team to create visual impacts for your outreach opportunities, ensuring they have the skills needed to document authentically.

Break down on services

    1. Photography Training: We offer hands-on training sessions tailored to the different skills and styles your church aims to reach out to your community. Our goal is to help you build a competent team within y our church producing higher-quality images.
    2. Outreach and Event Photography: We offer professional photography services if you need support for your current photography team, or you do not have a team and would like professional photography allowing your ministry staff to focus on what God is doing. Our team Is equipped, friendly, and interactive. We are fellow believers with a home church located in Tomball, TX.
    3. Baptisms: Our origins. Shana started her church photography ministry with Baptisms. They hold a very special place in her heart. it is an emotional and valued step in their walk with Christ. We will capture the before, during, and after reactions and responses folks have through their baptism process. 
    4. Mission Trip Documentation: We are available for Travel. We will capture the impactful stories of your church’s outreach and ministry work.

Why Choose Studio Klank and our “Let’s Do It!” Ministry?

    1. Expertise: with over 8 years of photographing baptisms, events, headshots, missions trips, social media, and website photography, we bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to your table.
    2. Passion: We are extremely passionate about what God is doing. We are not about hiding behind the camera. It is extremely important to us to be sensitive to what God is doing, and where he is working. It is important to us to capture and share authentic moments.
    3. Child Care and Children Ministry: Safety is important to us! We will remove all names and information on any name tags that your church might use. We are familiar with the Planning Center name tag systems and will remove all sensitive information including name, phone number, and tag ID. While we cannot omit photos taken of any specific child such as those within the foster care system, or sensitive members within your church, we leave that up to your team’s discretion.
    4. Personalized Service: Shana is a graduate of the Master’s Commission Program and also a graduate of an intense Extern Program. We will meet with you to hear your ministry’s vision and also bring recommendations to your staff.

Let’s Do It!

We invite churches all over the world interested in our services to reach out and learn more about how we can support what God is doing in your community. Whether you’re looking to train your team, or you need a professional photographer to assist with your upcoming event, we are here to help. 

Contact us:

Join our Facebook Group: Let’s Do It! Photography

Email: shana@studioklank.com
Call or Text us at: 281.815.0043

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