#1 Ice Photog

Hello! My name is Shana, and I like people to have fun and enjoy their photography sessions. I have been photographing since 2015. The front cover of my website is what started my passion. Like many photographers, I started with my family.

Later I found my current passion in photographing the ice sculpture artists of DLG Ice Factory

I have 4 wonderful children. 2 of them are older and out of the house, and 2 elementary ages.

I also hold the title “birth mother.” Through open adoption, I am in contact with my firstborn son of almost 18 years.

I have studied photography through experience since 2015 after twelve years of IT and over 25 years of graphic design.

I am a member of PPA

During the Texas Renaissance  Festival, I am also photographing for “Ye’ Old Time Photography”.

One Seriously Amazing Lady

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